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About Us

Monzon Wellcare Center is a privately owned, multi-specialty research facility, dedicated to provide high quality clinical trials to the pharmaceutical industry.

Our bilingual staff consists of board certified physicians, full time research coordinators, a phlebotomist, a research assistant, and a recruiting coordinator. Our staff is trained in CPR, ACLS, HIPAA, GCP, and ICH.

Our patient’s well being is our top priority. Our staff has the knowledge and commitment needed to provide excellent care for our patients.

We follow the code of ethical principles set forth by the Association of Clinical Research Professionals (ACRP) and the Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative Program (CITI), and we are a proud member of the Society of Clinical Trials Sites (SCRS).

Clinical Research Experience

Lung Cancer Screening (Delfi)

The Delfi trial is at the forefront of innovative lung cancer screening methods, utilizing advanced detection technologies to identify lung cancer at its earliest stages. This groundbreaking approach aims to significantly improve outcomes through early intervention, making it a critical development in the fight against lung cancer.

Screening of High Frequency Malignant Disease (Shield)

The Shield study focuses on the screening of diseases known for their high incidence and mortality rates. By implementing cutting-edge screening techniques, this research aims to catch malignant diseases in their nascent stages, thereby increasing the chances of successful treatment and saving lives.

Phase 3 Study In Patients with Moderate to Severe Eosinophilic Asthma

This Phase 3 clinical trial is dedicated to patients suffering from moderate to severe eosinophilic asthma. The study evaluates the efficacy and safety of a novel treatment aimed at reducing asthma attacks and improving quality of life for those affected by this challenging condition.

Phase 3 BPH (Devise 1)

The Devise 1 trial represents a critical phase 3 study targeting Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH), a common prostate condition affecting older men. This research evaluates the effectiveness and safety of innovative treatments designed to relieve symptoms, improve urinary flow, and enhance the overall health and well-being of participants.

Study to Evaluate the Safety and Efficacy of Topical Phosphate Cream in Subjects with Atopic Dermatitis (Phase 2, Sub 1)

This Phase 2, Sub 1 study investigates the safety and effectiveness of a new topical phosphate cream in treating atopic dermatitis. Aimed at subjects suffering from this chronic skin condition, the trial seeks to provide relief from symptoms such as itchiness and inflammation, offering a new hope for improved skin health and comfort.


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Monzon Wellcare Center is a clinical research facility committed to support the medical device, biotechnology, and pharmaceutical industries to pursue new diagnostic techniques and treatments to improve patient wellness.

Each of our physicians and nurse practitioners are certified by the Good Clinical Practice for Research (CITI Program), and we encourage participation from patients of all ages and ethnicities from South Florida.

Meet Our Team

_ Alberto Orta Iglesias MD. – Primary Doctor Specialist (34 years of experience)

_ William L. Navarro MD.- Internal Medicine Specialist (10 years of experience)

_ Maria A. Monzon APRN– Owner, CEO (35 years of experience)

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