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Dear Frustrated Friend,

If you’re looking for an all-natural way to boost your libido and relieve symptoms of menopause , then this will be the most important message you ever read.

Here is why:

As you may know, the average age for a woman to hit menopause (which is a point in time, after 12 months of not having your period) in the US, is age 51.

But did you know?

Women can actually start experiencing menopausal symptoms (perimenopause)… starting in their early 30s!

It’s true.

And if that’s not bad enough… it gets worse… because…


Some women continue suffering from terrible menopausal symptoms for 20 years… AFTER they hit menopause

The shocking truth is:

Some women battle these symptoms for 1/3 of their entire lives!

These menopausal symptoms include:

  • Loss of sexual desire
  • Less vaginal lubrication
  • Uncomfortable se


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What is Provestra?

Provestra is a 100% natural way to help boost your libido and relieve symptoms of menopause.

How Provestra Works?

Provestra Works by Balancing Your Hormones. Provestra is formulated with 18 natural ingredients.

These ingredients work together to help stimulate three key hormones: Estrogen, Progesterone and Testosterone (Yes. Women have testosterone – just in smaller amounts than men).

When you begin feeling menopausal symptoms (technically called perimenopause – which can happen in your early 30s) your hormone levels begin to decline.

But your hormones don’t drop in a straight line… instead… they bounce all over the place! This jumbled mess of hormones is what causes menopausal symptoms. And no matter what stage of menopause you’re in… keeping your hormones regulated is key for feeling normal.

Provestra works by stimulating estrogen, progesterone and testosterone production to help:

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